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We`ve included feedback dated September 1999 as this was when customers started to email their comments on a more regular basis and without prompt. All feedback is from different clients. There are many complements in between and often just given verbally and many – too long (sorry). But all help to show our commitment to service.

9th September 1999 - Email from Office Manager to Buildings Maintenance Manager

Just thought I`d take a couple of minutes to say what a wonderful job Decor did of painting our office last weekend.
Steve Tuckey liaised with me prior to the commencement of the works to find out exactly what we wanted and what needed to be done. We have a lot of bits & pieces on the walls that needed to come down and I didn`t want everything to go back up in the same place. – (I didn`t exactly make things easy for them)

However, it was a rare and very pleasant surprise to find on Monday morning that everything was exactly as had been requested, and things that couldn`t be put back because of wet paint were back on the walls by Monday lunchtime.
Would you please pass on my thanks to Steve Tuckey and his team for the efficient and professional service that we received. Everything went without a hitch and these days that can be quite rare.

17th March 2004 - Email from Building Officer

Please convey our thanks to Steve and his team of painters. The task was probably not the easiest to undertake given the physical restraints involved. They worked extremely well on the project and made things happen in a way that caused minimum disruption to the occupants of the building.

It’s often easy to criticise workmen, but fortunately this is not the case with Steve and his team of painters who provided an excellent service for us.

20th March 2007 - Email from Support Coordinator

Just a short note to let you know that the painting of our building is now completed by your contractors (Steve and his team). As the instigator of the job, I am very happy with the results.

Steve was very helpful and accommodating and the disruption to our work in the building has been minimal due to the efficient working practices of his team. A completion time of three months has been achieved with in the original timescales. Thank you.

14th May 2010 - Email from Building officer

Excellent job – thanks. Exactly what I wanted Steve. Thanks once again for a job well done.

10th July 2010 - Email from SHEF Department

Please pass on our thanks to Decor for the Painting and Decorating of our building. They have been extremely thorough and carried out the task to a very high standard. They have had to work around staff still in the building and have done so in an efficient and cooperative manner. The whole task has been very well managed throughout. Many thanks.

15th December 2010 - Email from Admin Supervisor

Steve, please pass on my comments to your guys for a job well done with regard to the painting of our building. They`ve done an excellent job so far with almost no disruption to our working day. They`re a nice bunch of guys, always polite and pleasant..

31st January 2011 - Email from Health & Safety Coordinator

Could I just say that I`m very pleased with the work that Steve Tuckey and his team of painters from Decor have put into our refurbishment. The service reflects highly on the professionalism of the Decor work force.

28th June 2011 - Email from overall Buildings Manager

Steve, Just visited the room with client, it looks excellent with the decoration. They are delighted and so am I – Thank you.

10th February 2012 - Email from Support Manager

Recent decoration. The workmanship was excellent, the way they went about their work and clearing up was excellent. Above all else, their conduct was extremely good, taking obvious recognition of the environment that they were working in. Please pass on our thanks to Decor for a job well done.

11th February 2012 - Follow on from above - Buildings Director

I would like to add my own comments to the above. Not only did they work to a high standard, but they did it efficiently, working to the agreed timescales in a courteous manner, communicating with all our staff and this did not go unnoticed. Positive comments at our meetings throughout. They ensured that there work areas were clean during their work but also at the end of each shift. We were able to go about our work with an absolute minimum of disruption. As you are aware this latter point is critical to our operational work and is much appreciated.

Thanks to Decor - Steve Tuckey and his professional and reliable work force.